Telephone: (203) 783-5300, FAX: (203) 783-3970

Platt Tech Parent-Faculty Organization 2012 - 2013

Platt Tech’s Parent- Faculty Organization (PFO) supports all aspects of the educational program by engaging parents in the life of our school. Organizationally, it is comprised of a Leadership Team (PFO Officers and School Principal), Executive Board (Officers, Committee Chairs, Faculty Liaisons and Administration) and general membership (Parents and Teachers). The PFO is an active organization which functions in several capacities including:

President Judith Tucker (203)929-5174
Vice President Lorin DeLeo
Recording Secretary Michelle Clark
Corresponding Secretary Heidi Dragonette
Treasurer Janice Buzelle
Co-Treasurer Dawn Puchala
Statutory Agent Paul Buzelle
Master at Arms Richie Gilson
Membership Chairperson Helen Sheehan
Sunshine/Historian Chairperson Janice Buzelle
Coordinator Chrystyna Messina  
Website Rita Boland


Both the Leadership Team and Executive Board serve in collaborative capacities with school administration to address concerns of daily operation, planning and vision.

Parent Education/Information

The primary agenda for general meetings delivers education and information critical for parents of teen-agers. These have been developed through interest surveys which identify issues of concern. Each meeting is held in the media center beginning at 7:00 pm, runs approximately two hours and covers four consistent topics including… October 12th – Making the Grade; A Primer on How to Achieve Academic Excellence January 11th – Internet Security & Exploitation; Staying safe in an electronic world March 8th – Preparing for Life After High School May 10th – Local trends in adolescent drug use; awareness and cautions *Additional presentations to be scheduled are: Financial Aid Seminars – in conjunction with the School Counseling Department Domestic violence, dating relationships and abuse Teenage emotional development (depression, eating disorders, bullying, suicide)

Event/Activity planning

Several school-wide events are collaborative efforts with PFO support (Toys for Tots, Cruise Night, Thanksgiving Food Drive, Mock Crash, Chili cook-off and Field Day)


Whole school fundraisers, bi-monthly computer fairs, chili cook-off and cruise night are some examples of activities generating funds to support student activities.

Recognition/Award programs

Senior Awards program, Faculty Merit Awards and Student of the Month


PFO has been instrumental in creating and maintaining Platt’s television studio, fitness center and outdoor classroom (The Swamp).

Curricular enhancement

PFO sponsors mini-grants for teachers and students that foster high student achievement, intensified teacher/student interaction and home-school communication. Typically, these are awarded in amounts under $300 and are used to subsidize class field trips, guest speakers, and creative lessons not normally funded through Platt’s instructional budget.


Parents/teachers serve as volunteers during and after school hours as chaperones, event staff, library aides and participants in activities.

Family Engagement Initiative

This year Platt is fortunate to be part of a family engagement initiative which will establish a school-based resource center promoting connections between school and home. Look for more news soon.